What is Bilancio?

Bilancio is a passive inductive filter that removes harmonic frequencies of electric current from non-linear loads and VFDs (variable frequency drives) that are not within the 60Hz fundamental waveform.

How long does it take to install Bilancio?

A typical installation takes 12-15 minutes per panel. The installation process is completed by a certified, bonded electrician.

What is the lifespan for Bilancio?

Bilancio guarantees the device for 20 years.

How much electricity does Bilancio require?

None. Bilancio is a 100% passive harmonic filter and does not run on or require electricity to operate.

How do I know Bilancio is working?

You can measure the current on Bilancio’s leads using a hand-held meter to confirm current is flowing through it. Measurements are recorded at the time of installation of the current flow through the filter. Bilancio Analysts apply normalization to determine what percentage the device is having on the facility. (It can vary from one facility to another.) 

What happens if Bilancio stops working?

It is very unlikely that Bilancio stops working (to the extent we guarantee full replacement of the device at no cost to the facility if it were to stop functioning). The only way Bilancio could stop working is if the leads were cut, removed or the devices was damaged by impact.

However if Bilancio were to stop working, it would have zero impact on electricity or the panel. It would be very easy  to see if Bilancio was not working by simply testing the leads for efficiency.

How many filters does a building need?

Each facility has Bilancio devices based upon how many electrical panels (from 120 – 480 volt) are attached to panels connected to the meter(s) of the facility. Each panel should have a device installed to be fully effective. 


What are harmonics?

Any electronics that convert AC power to DC and back to AC will cause distortions to the 60Hz fundamental frequency sine wave. These distortions are also called ‘noise’, which has been defined as the harmonic content of the particular electric loads. The compounding of noise in the circuit finds its way to the neutral as that is the return path of the circuit. This information has been part of the electrical distribution system since the 1980s and is an increasing problem globally.

What research supports the claims of ‘harmonic noise’ in a building?

Multiple articles are available that confirm that leading power factor loads, capacitive in nature, create sine wave frequencies outside the 50 and 60Hz fundamental frequencies. These articles conclude that the installation of a passive, inductive filter can reduce the ‘noise’ caused by these loads and as a result, reduce electric KwH consumption in a building.

Are there 3rd party validation studies to support the claims about Bilancio?

Yes, several third-party, independent energy engineering firms have provided reports on multiple installations about the positive impact of Bilancio. These reports, prepared by NTS, D&K Engineering, and UL Prospector, leverage regression analytics and paired-T analysis. The reports ‘confidence factors’ are over .98 ‘confidence rating’ in each of their statistical reports (where 1.0 is perfect and .80 and higher are considered statistically relevant).


How long has this technology been available?

The first Bilancio device was installed in 2015 and patented not long after.

How many installations use this technology?

Our devices are installed in a variety of verticals across the US, Canada and the Bahamas. Thousands of installations have been completed. (Please see our Results page for highlights.) 

Does Bilancio affect the meter from the power company?

Bilancio balances the electrical panels and allows the meter to function more efficently. 


Is Bilancio safe?

UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) has approved Bilancio to be safe, non-hazardous, and has zero impact on the facility for any malfunction (i.e. such as surges, fires, electrical damage and etc).

Warranty & Info

Is there a manufacturer's warranty on Bilancio?

There is a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty for Bilancio.