Murray County Medical Center

We did our first meter reading since the Bilancio units were installed. We are very consistent on the power we use as we area 24/7 business. Motors always run and the lights are on. We are always looking for ways to cut energy costs.

On the 208 volt meter prior to the install we used 26,700 kWh for a 7 day test period. After install of the Bilancio units, we used 19,800 kWh for the same amount of time. That is a difference of 25.8 % in the consumption of power. For the same period last year, we used 27,000 kWh as the week after installation.

On the 480 volt side we did a test run prior 7 days we used 9920 kWh and after install, our big chillers ran for 3 days. So the after install meter reading was 10,000 kWh. Even though the chillers ran and we had an increase in usage it would be fair to say that there was a savings on the 480 Volt also of roughly 20+%.

As time goes on we will be able to compare with readings form the same periods as last year when the chiller runs during the summer months. I will keep in touch and let you know how we do.
I would like to thank you for reaching out to us here at Murray County Medical Center in Slayton and helping us to save energy in our business.

Arl Weinrebe, Director of Plant Operations

Precious Care

Thank you for introducing me and our facility to the Bilancio product. With no long-term leasing commitment, the decision was easy. Install took less than two hours, with no interruption to our business while our assisted living home and residents carried on as usual. Meter readings were taken and indicated a 19.5% savings on energy consumption and cost. Your consultant was professional and made the process easy and seamless, including the coordination with the electrical contractor.

I highly recommend Bilancio to any and all energy users in commercial establishments!

R. Frank Coffelt, Facilities Director


It is our goal to manufacture with efficiency, quality, and cost control – this means diligent evaluation of our deployed technology, as well as monitoring of our energy consumption.

Bilancio was so cost-effective in reducing our overall energy consumption, that our return on investment was achieved in just 2 months. By deploying Bilancio, we achieved a 13% savings in our energy use which translated into an annual savings of tens of thousands of dollars.

Jim Burgess, Chief Financial Officer

B&M Finishers

B&M is a 20,000-square-foot aluminum anodizing manufacturing plant in New Jersey. Our machines require heavy energy usage for long hours each day. By implementing Bilancio, we have reduced the energy consumption at our facility by over 22%.

With the low monthly leasing program, our savings and return on investment were realized in less than 6 weeks.

The installation process required no downtime and was well coordinated and professionally implemented by the sales and services team at Bilancio.

I highly recommend the Bilancio solution for any commercial facility looking for ways to greatly reduce their energy consumption and cost

Don Marcus, Chief Financial Officer


In the first sixty days post Bilancio installation, we realized an outstanding 15% reduction in KwH’s used in our facility. We have office space, a machine shop, an assembly area, and injection molding shop. As the quality leader in the development of plastic valves and controls for corrosive and ultra-pure liquids, we are constantly monitoring our electrical power requirements, and related costs.

Production throughput and weather conditions were considered as we studied the results of our savings – which were impressive, to say the least! We are excited to see significant savings going forward and highly recommend Bilancio.

Steve Lubertazza, IT Coordinator

Bagcraft Papercon

BagcraftPapercon is the leading provider of paper-based flexible foodservice packaging in North America. We offer the broadest range of specialty bag, sheet, and roll converting capabilities in the flexible foodservice packaging industry today. We manufacture our high-quality packaging on 125 different production lines to provide a wide variety of custom sizes and print designs.

Our efficient F&K printing presses deliver state-of-the-art graphics capabilities that help differentiate your products on the shelf and on the go. As a company, we were looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption in a cost-effective manner. We turned to Bilancio and decided to do a test pilot in our Atlanta facility. We knew that because of our environment and variable production demands, we had to normalize the data we collected in order to identify savings. The raw data we collected over the 6 month period indicated we had significant savings. Since there are numerous factors that affect the consumption of electricity, especially in a fluctuating demand environment like ours, we used total kWh/ unit as the metrics most indicative of our business. From December 2009 to May 2010, KWh/unit decreased an average of 13% over the 6-month time frame from the same period a year prior and 28% from the same period two years ago.

After thinking more about the metric we used for the comparison, we were not comfortable that total kWh/unit was the best metric to use. We felt that there were too many variables that entered into the 6-month test to consider it valid. We then suggested we do a shortened test and use a different metric that would be more representative of kWh consumption. Since we deal in pounds, kWh/lb and kWh/RH were the best metrics. The test was done over a 5 day period which coincided with our production week. We ran the test like this so we could normalize conditions as much as possible. The shorter duration test data indicated that the kWh/RH decreased by 8.02% by installing the devices. We realize that these savings were achieved over a short period and that greater savings may be possible over time. Even with a savings of 8.02%, our return on investment is less than twelve months. We were very impressed with the results we achieved and would strongly recommend Bilancio as an affordable and effective way to reduce energy consumption.

Robert A. Bullock, Operations Manager

Five Guys

In December of last year, through the services of a licensed electrician, I installed 2 UIVP LLG at my food establishment located at 6434 Lawrenceville Hwy, Tucker, GA 30084. My monthly electric bill was from 12/28 – 1/27.

The number of days in our billing cycle (30) this period was two days less than the same period a year ago. We did see a drop in average kWh/day by 14.98% as evident by our electric bill.

Another factor we had to deal with this year unlike any of the two prior January’s weather. It was much colder this year than in the prior two years at this time. We are very pleased that your Energy Management Device (has helped reduce our kWh/day consumption).

As a Five Guys franchisee, I highly endorse Bilancio as an energy savings product that will save our operation thousands of dollars. I have installed additional units at my other Five Guys location.

Andy Hahn, Owner

The Melting Pot

Bilancio is a unique patented technology that uses fundamental electromagnetic principles to reduce energy consumption economically. The new load profile exacerbates non-efficient use of electricity. Electrical current out of phase and polarity, referred to as “noise” or “harmonic distortion” is an undesirable by-product of the electrical grid and new load profile. Today’s electronic and electrical equipment by design seek power in proper phase and polarity and draw on the electrical system continuously to meet this function. Bilancio addresses this issue like no other products do!

Will Layfield, Owner